*Snow White and more coming soon!

Disney Princesses Show

An interactive show with kids, Magic and Dancing. A big SURPRISE at the end!
About 45 min. $120.00 Includes
prizes up to 25 kids (extra kid $3.00).

Circus ShowNamed Poway's Favorite!

Musical Marionette Show

"We have different countries to Dance and Play- Great for Schools as well!
*The Castle of the Beast
*The Ocean to see the Belugas
*Disneyland and more...
ABout 1 hr. $220.00

We recommend this Shows for kids up to 8 yrs.

"We have several shows to choose!
​"Fiesta in my House" ABout 30 min.

Featuring several of your favorite characters like *Mario Bros

*Monster Cookie and more!
​We give prices for up to 25 kids at the end.

Puppet Shows